Founder of Syn Culture Industries Group

Founder & Presiding Architect of Syn Architects

Co-founder of Lu Shang Syn Arcitects and Planning Co. Ltd. (Shan Dong)

Chief Planner for International Art Festival & Yishui Lake National Tourist Resort

Chief Planner for all region Rural Revitalization in Jingyang district Deyang

Extramural Tutor of Academy of Arts & Design , Tsinghua University, and Academy of Architecture of Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Mr Zou has rich experience in large-scale architectural design and region planning projects, who has presided the continuing design of the first pastoral complex in China – Wu Xi New Pastoralism. He is not only a domestic expert of planning & design in urban-rural integration construction area. But also a consultant expert of industry planning & integration in rural revitalization area, as well as an operator in rural community construction.

Zou Yingxi graduates from the department of environmental art design of Central Academy of Art and Design (Current Academy of Arts & Design , Tsinghua University), and Academy of Architecture of Belin University of Arts. He has been working as an architec in architeture design area for over 20 years. At early phase he emphasized on large-scale public buiding design and practice, finishing the design of Longmen Grottoes Museum which is a world Cultural heritage of China, Central Academy of Fine Arts Yan Jiao Campus, Air Corridor in Bei Jing 751 Arts District etc. He also has unique understanding in the innovation of old architectures, his design works “ the Headquarter Office phase 1/ phase 2 of Ma Fengwo Torism Website, the Xiyuan Peninsula Resort Hotel in Jinhai Lake, the Jia Pu Ji of Blossom Hill etc. have all received high attention from oversea proffesional media.

Mr Zou and his team entered the planning and design of rural reconstruction area in 2013, and built the first pastoral complex in China –Wuxi New Pastoralism with Mr Zhang Cheng. As the development pattern of rural revitalization, the “ Pastoral Complex” was written into No.1 Central Document in 2017, and spread nationwide. Till now, Mr Zou has led Syn Architecs finished over 50 domestic large-scale region planning projects, centering on Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces as well as Chengdu Sichuan province. As the chief planner for national urban-rural integration development experimental zone surounding Yishui Lake Yixian County in 2019, he promoted the construction of the project “ Yishui Lake Arts Community” . Cooperating with IVYONE Culture Commerce Tourism Group, the Yishui Lake International Arts Triennial will appear in 2022.

In the process of planning design and construction of rural revitalization, concentrating on talent revitalization issue, Mr Zou proposed the innovative “New farmer” idea and “soil” spirit. Hoping through reasonable scheme, effective planning and proper construction, to foster a nutritive soil for both people return home and the visitors. Finnaly through the service for “New Farmer”, let the contryside be attractive, and has the ability to find people, keep people. To realize the sustainable development of coutryside and the value of design service in it by talent revitalization.

Mr Zou always keep high enthusiasm and responsibility to design work. In design research, he is keen on the interaction relationship among architecture, people and environment. In recent years, he digs into the area of China’s urban-rural integration construction and cultural tourism projects, not only pay attention to the relationship between architeture design and urban-rural life, but also pay more attention to eliminate the gap between urban-rural thinking by culture integration. To promote urban renewal and urban-rural integretion development of China by design.