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  • Feng Yichen
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1986 Born in Tianjin
2010 Graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts
Currently works and lives in Beijing

2013 Living as Dreaming - Solo Exhibition of Feng Yichen Suiyue Art Gallery | Chengdu
2012 Dreamlike Song - Solo Exhibition of Feng Yichen Gallery Three | Beijing
2011 Flourishing Age in an Empty Dream - Solo Exhibition of Feng Yichen Gallery Being 3 | Beijing

2013 Under the Yangtze River Sujia Gallery | Beijing
2012 Future of China, Plan for Young Artists Today Art Museum | Beijing
2011 Art Beijing Art Fair National Agricultural Exhibition Center | Beijing
The 16th Los Angeles International Art Expo | Los Angeles USA
Feng Yichen: The reason I use ink as my medium is that I find it elegant and refined. It gives the illusion of balance between emptiness and reality. In addition, it takes a kind of unconscious form as a communicator. The thought and original intention of my creation is to consciously select specific unconscious forms to express an emotion and present my consciousness through unconsciousness. I want to express the essence of emotion and conception in this matter. I use Western representation to echo Eastern philosophy. From the aesthetics of the Chinese people, this form can embody Chinese cultural symbols more effectively. So, it both inherits the past essence, as well as looks to new horizons.