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  • Kang Shixin
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1985  Born in Qingdao
2008  Graduated from China Academy of Art with a bachelor's degree
2011  Graduated from China Academy of Art with a master's degree
Currently works and lives in Hangzhou 

2013 Floating world Other Gallery | Shanghai

2013 Los Angeles Art Show | Los Angeles USA
Art Beijing Art Fair National Agricultural Exhibition Center | Beijing
2010 Giant Cup - Today Art Student Annual Exhibition Today Art Museum | Beijing
2009 Crescent Thorn Hangzhou Art Fair | Hangzhou
2008 2008 Song Hangzhou Hanyang Art Center | Hangzhou
One of the Youth Hangzhou Hanyang Art Center | Hangzhou

Kang Shixin: What I want to express is not in fact a painting. It is not a sentence, a story, or even a monkey playing the drums. I want to tell a new kind of story about myself and all people as beings who have struggled throughout time and grown up out of the earth. I hope that my works stand in front of the audience like a fun - house mirror.