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  • Cheng Baozhong
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1979 Born in Jinxiang, Shandong Province

2006 Graduated from Shandong University of Arts with a bachelor's degree

Currently works in Jinan


2014 That Person That Flower Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Hue Art Painting | Wuhan

2013 Special Exhibition of Mixed Media Painting of The 10th China Art Festival | Jinan

Diversity Contemporary Chinese Abstract Painting Exhibition | Hangzhou

2012 Light Touch Four People Show | Jinan

2011 Ink Party Tour Exhibition Jinan | Yantai | Beijing


Icebergs float on the silent sea as dim sunlight pierces the clouds, shrouding them in a divine glow. Although everything is so ver y quiet, if you stare at the picture long enough, you might hear a faint heartbeat - the sound of natural life persisting incessantly in silence. The ice world of Baozhong seems to respond to this philosophical dichotomy of existence and nothingness, one he does not wish to speak about. Condensation in the coldness, fad ing into tepidityWhat kind of world does the float ing ice present to us? Exquisite dyeing, solemnity in form, ethereal traces of ink, and romantic spirit beneath a deep plane of space; th e abstract layer behind realistic representation, the overall design after polymerized details, and the blurry hidden meanings - all these elements eventually cause me to glimpse a beam of light breaking through the clouds, refracting all hopes and despairs, a response to the disillusionment and the eternity of everything. (Dang Zhen)