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1987 Born in Yichang, Hubei Province

2008 Graduated from the Art Creation and Communication Department of South China University of


Currently works and lives in Beijing


2014 Heart era Xiamen spring exhibition Heart and Art Park | Xiamen

Youth Narrative contemporary art exhibition Xiamen SM New Life Square | Xiamen

2013 Young Asian artists exhibition Today Art Museum | Beijing

2012 The First Contemporary Art weibo Exhibition Songzhuang Art Museum | Beijing


Huang Li's paintings show that he used two initially contradictory elements to constitute the entire content of his painting; one is the geometric grid or other forms of geometric shapes used to control the flatness of image; the other is the painted image forming his own painting, including human organs, tools used in daily life, and anything that can be used by Huang Li to make the audience have associative thoughts. The latter float on the geometric grids in a surreal state on the picture, and the two complement each other. Huang Li's unique way of processing pictures sets him apart from other young artists. ( Sui  Jianguo )