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  • Li Tianqi
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1991 Born in Woyang, Anhui Province

2012 Graduated from Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University with a bachelor's degree

Currently studies at the Central Academy of Fine Arts for a master's degree

Currently works and lives in Beijing


2014 20+4+1 NEW IDENTITIES - Chinese Young Artists VDA | Berlin Germany

2013 2013 Art Nova 100 Beijing | Shenzhen | Shanghai | Hong Kong

2012 The Equality of things - Chinese Contemporary Young Artists Promotional Exhibition National

Convention Center | Beijing

The Boat - University students in Contemporary Art Academy Nomination Exhibition Today Art

Museum | Beijing

A Start of a Long Journey - China Key Art Academy Excellent Graduation Exhibition Xi'an Academy of

Fine Arts | Xi'an


Li Tianqi: In China, there is construction and demolition everywhere: furniture lies at the doorway of a building set to be destroyed, while a newly developed ur ban public landscape is quickly built and abandoned. These familiar, fragmented scenes allow one to glimpse household items that no longer belong to this land but are rather abandoned to the past. I try to imagine the scene when the furniture was first acquired, and how they accompanied the lives of the owner s of the house. However,with the rise of one and another high building, such life details will continue to be quickly removed. In any case, the reality of

furniture "dying an unnatural death" is there on the ground. These objects have become part of Chinese visual memor y, as well as the most vividly descriptive text of contemporary China.