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  • Xie Tianzhuo
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1992 Born in Dazhou, Sichuan Province

Currently Studies at the Chinese Painting Department from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute for

a bachelor's degree

Currently works and lives in Chongqing


2012 Ourselves - The exhibition of works 501 Museum of Modem Art | Chongqing

The 17th Undergraduate Annual Exhibition of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Huxi Art Commune | Chongqing


Xie Tianzhuo: I have always pur sued a focus on real things and expressing multiple emotions in my works. Being touched by things in a flash is a luxurious feeling, and so my approach is to use simple words to record my instant sensation, and then consider how to use images to convey this raw information. I try first to understand western paintings , and then Chinese ones in turn. I find that they have much in common, particularly in terms of their density of rhythm and arrangement of black, white,and grey. With this dialogue, I can find the right starting point for my technique and so express an appropriate form.