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Kang Chunhui

1982 Born in Xinjiang

2004 Graduated from the Public Art Department of Design College of Jiangnan University with a bachelor's degree

2011 Graduated from the Visinal Art Department of Seoul National University with a master's degree 




Flowers in the Whole Year - Kang Chunhui Solo Exhibition

February Space, Beijing




Cross the Boundary - "Art Nova 100" Youth Art Exhibition, One Art Space, Beijing
2015 Art Nova 100, Beijing

Flavor and Elegance - 2015 Young Female Artist Exhibition, Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing

Spring, Redwall Gallery, Beijing


Barona Shanghai International Modern Art Exhibition, 37.8 Degree Art Space, Shanghai

Line of Beauty - Chinese Contemporary Female Ink Art Exhibition, Ink Painting Space Museum, Beijing

Deconstruction, Shone-show Gallery, Beijing


3/7, Interactive Media Exhibition, Art Museum of Seoul National University, Seoul


6 People - Traditional Element with Modern Art, Art Museum of Seoul National University, Seoul



Among the words used in traditional Chinese realistic painting for birds and flowers, is there any possibility to find anything new in the time between Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty to Yu Fei'an? The style brought from Nanjing in the 21st century already influenced people for a period of time. Now, people might gradually begin to look for something new once again. Recently, I saw Kang Chunhui's work in Eryue Bookshop and reviewed it carefully. The specialty of her work lies in her depiction of roots, the invisible parts buried beneath the earth. She actually did not paint the real roots, but rather transformed the roots into containers in which flowers can grow, which leads people think when viewing her work. This type of work can rarely be seem in "flower-and-bird" painting. -Wu Hongliang (Vice president of Beijing Fine Art Academy)