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Peng Yong
1990 Born in Yueyang, Hunan Province

2012 Graduated from the Printmaking Department of Academy of Art & Design, Tsinghua University with a bachelor's degree

Currently works and lives in Beijing     




Blues - Peng Yong Solo Exhibition, Art 8, Beijing



2015 Art Nova 100, Beijing

Studio Opening Exhibition, Paris International Art City,Paris

The Civil Power - Beijing Minsheng Art Museum Opening Exhibition, Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing

Now is Future - Art Nova 100 Special Exhibition, L’ OFFICIFL Art Space, Beijing

Out of the Background, Five Boulevards Xiannong, Tianjin


2014 Art Nova 100, Beijing,Macau

China - Italy Biennale, 798 Art Zone, Beijing

Research and Development – Extension, CAFA Art Museum,Beijing





Peng Yong: The works attempt to induce reflection on the effects modern, stylized life has on people, and to explore the relationship between complex logic and the multiple nature of works in print, putting forward a "unified" theory regarding multiplicity, making the plural nature of works in print an important conceptual element in my work. Instead of producing multiple copies of one work, I view a print series as one work composed of its many editions, gaining more powerful visual language with each copy produced.