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Zhang Zhaoying

1988 Born in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

2013 Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute with a bachelor's degree




Cross the Boundary - "Art Nova 100" Youth Art Exhibition, One Art Space, Beijing

5 Gordo - Zhang Zhaoying Personal Projects, EGG GalleryBeijing


Titan Feast - Zhang Zhaoying Solo Exhibition   Art Canton projectGuangzhou




2015 Art Nova 100, Beijing

The Second CAFAM Future Exhibition, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing


Academy Art Nouveau Arts Exhibition Recommended by Fang Lijun, Pang Maokun and Su Xinping, Luohu Art Museum, Shenzhen

2014 Unbounded Thinking Graduates Nomination Award, Today Art Museum, Beijing

2014 Outstanding Youth Art Invitation Exhibition, Jiayuanhai Art Centre, Shanghai

2014 the Ivy League Plans Youth Artists Invitation Exhibition, Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing


Zhang Zhaoying: Our adolescence always leaves us scarred, with happiness seemingly distant. Many memories that we think will never be forgotten slip away even during the days we think about them. I know that I am not the best recorder of events past, but I, more than anyone else, love to look back upon the path I once traveled. I never stop to pause and look back, but time never waits. It flies by right in front of me.

Through the use of a technique I call "restoration of the scene" in easel painting, the viewer is able be led directly into a trap set that I have set. This time, there is a sense of collective unconsciousness, like that of a person who has been hypnotized. This leads the viewers to experience a mood and atmosphere delivered by the work and the space in which it is presented that is outside the range of emotional responses that can normally be elicited from them, and as they interact with the work this atmosphere becomes intensified. When individuals are placed into this atmosphere, they driven to think certain thoughts, and are no longer mentally independent. As their minds become steered by the work, they are hypnotized along with the other viewers and fall into a collectively unconscious state.