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Zhao Yanbin

1991 Born in Xinye, Henan Province

2014 Graduated from the Experimental Art Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor's degree

Currently works and lives in Beijing




2015 Art Nova 100, Beijing

Look at These Little Kids - Li Xiaohe & Zhao Yanbin Double Exhibition, Bridge Shed Gallery, Shenzhen

Who’s there? – the Second Exhibition, Bridge Shed Gallery, Beijing

A Thousand Miles Journey – 2014 CAFA Excellent Works Exhibition, CAFA Art Museum,Beijing

2014 Graduate Works Exhibition of Experimental Art Department, CAFA, Beijing


Indiana State University College of Arts and Design Union Exhibition, USA

To Learn and to be a Good Scholar - Experimental Art Department Works Exhibition   CAFA, Beijing

Spring Suburb Sketch Exhibition, CAFA, Beijing


Spring Suburb Sketch Excellent Works Exhibition, CAFA, Beijing



Zhao Yanbin: In my memory, there was a wall outside the classroom that had a mosaic of a map on it. I was often forced to stand beneath it memorizing books as a punishment for bad behavior, and at the time that wall seemed to be incredibly high. On the wall were written the words "Embrace the Motherland, Look Out onto the World". At the time I could only "Look out onto the World" through reading books. Some parts of the map had been vandalized, since Chinese children learn to hate Japan as soon as they are born. The teacher was not very tall, but the teacher had a much higher position and more power than any of the students. Like the pictures in a chart depicting all of the dynastic emperors, his power and position made him seem much larger than he really was. I believe that works of art should be interesting first and be meaningful second. If a work is boring, nobody will want to view it, so any talk of its meaning will be in vain. The depiction of these children under the national flag is not merely dealing with the topic of education, but also with something more intrinsic in human nature and how it relates to rules and power.