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  • Ding Xuanzheng
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1990 Born in Chizhou, Anhui Province

2015 Graduated in Contemporary art in Tianjing Fine Arts Academy with a bachelor’s degree

2016 Currently studies at Painting Department of Rome Fine Arts academy for a master’s degree




Art Nova 100, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China


Sentieri Contemporary Art festival, Amelia, Italy 


National Exhibition of Sketch Art, NAMOC,  Beijing, China


I want to seize the vanishing moment, extending without limitation and bringing us new thoughts.This is exactly the theme I want to illustrate. People use photo to sieze the scenery in a certain moment. No matter what the content or theme is, the unique moment is captured. It becomes an extrodinary photo and the entrance for the people who want to retrace the historical moment.  The exact moment in the painting contains the diversity of contemporary era and unlimited possibility. It also illustrates the theme I want to express, which is to sieze the vanishing moment and extend it infinitely.