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  • Hu Jing
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1986 Born in Tangshan, Hebei Province

2011 Graduated from Printmaking Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelors degree

Currently works and lives in Beijing




Cloud Plan, Hong Kong, China




Status Quo, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China


GuangYuan Resort, Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center, Shanghai, China

Fissile Gangster - 3rd German and Chinese Young Artists Development Fund Joint Exhibition, Kommunale Gallery, Berlin, Germany

The First Chinese Urban Public Art Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

Curiosity Cabinet - Magic Capital's First Natural Science Art Exhibition, Duo Yunxuan, Shanghai, China


Adolescence Record Beijing Youth Art Biennial, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

UTOPIA Artistic Republic, Ullens Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China



Upon completion, this work should be composed of 99 old boxes. A box means a world and a cover means a year. These 99 different worlds and 99 years, on balance, representing the only world and just one year. Here I remove the complex responsibilities and burdens of life to make it as simple as possible in my work, which is only about what I see, what I think and what is really in my mind. The work is very sincere and real. If the heart changes, things that the old box carried will also change. My work is not like a person but it can be a complete one. Here in it have the people, the sea, waves and even numbness. It is actually quite good to let things be whatever they will be. It's not a negative emotion, it's just a plain attitude towards life.