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  • Hu Ruipeng
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1993 Born in Zhucheng, Shandong Province

2018 Graduated from the Design Department of  the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor's  degree

Currently works and lives in Beijing




2018 Art Nova 100, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China


This is a composite body, a new life body. Its law of growth is similar to that of the ancient single-celled organism, which has extremely strong ability of environmental adaptation, of reproduction, and of aggregating into cell population. It can be combined with any space and creature (including humans) which represent different irreplaceable functions. In this way, it constantly combines with other spaces and life bodies for reproduction until they grow into a super individual.

We don’t know whether the new life body will replace the existence of human beings, or have a specific and indispensable function of human beings become its component, thus forming a super individual in the end. But it may become a trend. How should we look at the existence of the new life body?