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1982 Born in Haifeng, Guangdong Province 

2008 Graduated from Sculpture Profession of Chuanyin Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor´s degree

Currently lives and works in Shenzhen




IM/PERMANENT, Shanghai collective by PURE space, Shanghai, China

Solo exhibition of Lyu Xiaozheng, A-7958 gallery, Taichung, China




2018 Art Nova 100, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China


MOVE ON - Three-People Exhibition, 33 space, Shenzhen, China


Shanghai Young Art Fair 2016, Shanghai, China

Shenzhen Outstanding Art Exhibition, GuanShanyue art gallery, Shenzhen, China

Art Nanjing - 2016 International Art Fair, Nanjing, China

The second Shenzhen Sculpture Invitation Exhibition, Pingshan Sculpture Park, Shenzhen, China

Korean Gyeonggi Province Anshan International Art Fair, Korea


Asian Art Museum Asian Contemporary Sculptor Association Annual Exhibition, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan



From 2012, the use of the smart phone has gradually become the most repelling but necessary ‘lifestyle’. It makes me a “phone patient” and becomes a part of my body gradually. Since the smart phone has been an unalienable part of my life, I try to take it as a media in my creation. Therefore, I gave up traditional medias but used phone as a media to complete all of my creations after 2012. Parts of my creations depict repeatedly a subject matter or static object for a long term, recording life episodes or scenes by painting and representing them in the forms of “diary”. I try to use phone drawing to replace the status of “muttering to self”, making the slight and trivia daily objects or scenes poetic.

Phone is a media of my creation, as well as a media of considering the possibility of human behaviors; at the same time, it is used as another way to visually present the painting.