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1988 Born in Baoding, Hebei Province

2014 Graduated from the Traditional Chinese Painting Department of the School of Art, RenMin University of China with a bachelor's degree

Currently studies at the Traditional Chinese Painting of the School of RenMin University of China for a master’s degree



Continuation——Ma Jun Solo Exhibition ,Art Gallery of the school of art, RenMin University of China, Beijing, China




2018 Art Nova 100, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China


Excellent, Youth - The first Joint Exhibition Featuring Excellent Art Talent Cultivated by Art Colleges, Beijing fun, Beijing, China

Beijing Art Gradation Season, Ifeng Arts Center, Beijing, China

Inverse Conversations - Graduate Students and Faculty, RenMin University of China And Arizona State University, Masa, Phoenix, American


CONTROL+SHIFT+S Research Exhibition of Chinese Painting Material and Techniques Research Exhibition, Li Keran Academy of Painting, China


Summary of the Time, the 798 Author Gallery, Beijing, China




Ma Jun's ink work on the one hand pursues the tradition of refined painting in ancient China. He hopes to inject the character and temperament of the Song and Yuan Dynasties into contemporary Chinese ink. On the other hand, he focuses on emotions from modern-day social life and his own life experience, and tries to redefine the concept of form, space and time in contemporary ink artistic practice. Through highly nuanced brushworks on silk, Ma Jun records the transformation of time and shadow around a fixed sight in front of him. And with a series of multiple paintings, he combines and arranges these, featuring the duration of time and profound meaning, to create a meaningful order, which gradually brings the viewer into the environment and atmosphere of his creation.    

                                                                      - Huang Huasan (Professor, Renmin University of China)