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1980 Born in Shenyang, Liaoning Province

2003 Graduated from the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor’s degree

2016 Graduated from the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts with a master’s degree

Currently works and lives in Shenyang




2018 Art Nova 100, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China

Young Artists' Exhibition, Duoyunxuan Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Shanghai Young Art Fair - Beijing Station, Yue Art Museum, Beijing, China


Shanghai Youth Art Fair Exhibition, Shanghai World Trade Center , Shanghai, China


Luxun Academy of Fine Arts Award, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts Art Gallery, China


There are many four-character auspicious idioms in Chinese classical culture, some of which contain a lot of symbolic meanings. For example, two vases together mean being safe and peaceful, and a persimmon and a jade item means “hope everything does as you wish”. Most of them are homophonic. We can also often see such New Year pictures on doors and windows of each household during the Spring Festival. These symbolic expressions that existed in ancient societies have become the carrier of Chinese culture. But objects that were commonly used by ancient people are very different from those nowadays. I added the objects we use in this new era which also accord with auspicious expressions into my work, to deconstruct the status of modern New Year pictures. It can also help auspicious expressions to advance with the times.