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  • Ren Junfeng
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1987 Born in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia

2010 Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Inner Mongolia Normal University with a bachelor’s degree

Currently works and lives in Beijing




2018 Art Nova 100, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China

Counter - Feit International Contemporary Art Biennale, Rainbow Box Art Museum, Zhengzhou/ Zhongshan Art Museum, Shenzhen/  Guyuan Art Museum, Zhuhai, China


The Chinese Spirit - The 4th Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition (Abstract Exhibition), Today Art Museum, Beijing, China


Zhou Art Center Golden Week Invitational Exhibition, Zhou Art Center, Shenyang, China

The Opening Exhibition of the 2016 Contemporary Oil Painting Series Exhibition - Oriental Art See, Songzhuang, China

Clash, Harbinger Gallery, Beijing, China



During the process of my creation, my painting also affects me, which reveals the symbiotic relation between me and the painting. Only by creating consistently can we better understand what to express from the bottom of heart. The limits of language make it difficult for me to describe the kind of transcendental creative impulses and feelings in creating process. If description is necessary, I think what I try to deliver is a spiritual quality, introverted, mysterious and religious.


My paintings are inseparable from the exploration of the true ego, which is extremely tough and interesting. The very firm ego originally may be defeated and reintegrated in an instant. This is the reason why I like the easel paintings. Starting from the conception, the line, the color and the material are bonded together by my hands. In this long and repeated process, I got tangled, made mistakes, felt surprised, failed and succeeded. All of them took me close to a certain essence that I sought, i.e., "Dao”, "Truth” and the "God."