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  • Zhang Mingze
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1995 Born in Dalian, Liaoning Province

2017 Graduated from the Design Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor´s degree

Currently studies at the Jewellery&Metal Department of Royal College of Arts for a master´s degree  




2018 Art Nova 100, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China


Parallel - Beijing International Jewellery Art Exhibition, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology Park, Beijing, China

CFADC - China Fashion Accessory Design Competition Exhibition, JFC Center, Xiamen, China



If dreaming becomes a career in the future, what will be the boundary between reality and illusion?

What condition would make technology become a part of art?


The rapid development of technology shocks people’s consciousness and cognitions. Technology has profoundly influenced contemporary art not only in art tools and techniques, but also the concepts and forms. Space, as a foundation of all my work, in my opinion, exists both within and outside our bodies. By using mechanical devices, I tried to explore how time and space act on technology ethics. At the same time, I hope my work can create a space to help me communicate with the audience.