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1988 Born in Shanghai

2010 Graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor’s degree

2013 Graduated from the Modern Chinese ink and wash art Department of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts with a master’s degree

Currently works and lives in Shanghai




Inner Reflection, Around Space Gallery, Shanghai, China




2018 Art Nova 100, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China

Move - Shanghai Young Artists Invitation Exhibition, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China


On the other side - Today's and tomorrow's fine brushwork of China, the Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Young Artists ,The Eight Bridge Art Space / Art on Paper Fair, Shanghai, China/ , New York, US


Beyond Representation, SPSI Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Appearance – 13 Cases of Shanghai Youth Ink Paintings, Zhuqizhan Art Museum, Shanghai, China


M50 Creative Award winners exhibition, M50+ Space, Shanghai, China


Chinese Painting Biennial, the Art Museum of Xiamen, Xiamen, China


Zhuang Ying’s paintings seem simple, but in fact their modeling structures are demanding and delicate description is required. When appreciating her works from a far distance, we are quickly attracted by the pure blocks of colors and structured shape in the paintings, which reveal the beauty of order from the external world. But when appreciating them closely, we find that the pure blocks of colors are piled up by verities of color points; and the atomic restless points and lines replace the overall structured and harmonious composition. With singleness and numerousness, calmness and restlessness, Zhuang Ying’s paintings convey the contradiction and essence of the contemporary world view to the spectators.

- Fang Bi Long (Freelance Writer)