Jerry Song

“Art Nova 100” Planning Director


I've been part of this program since the preparation of the first exhibition of "Art Nova 100". As a result, I've gained the opportunity to see the works of over a thousand young artists every year for the past three or four years. Like a field researcher, I've also visited about two hundred studios across China in this time frame, and engaged in - depth communication with many other young artists. Besides, I have seen how the status of life and artistic creation varies widely among artists in different places. By extension, I have seen how the artistic creation of young artists in China is, on a whole, absolutely unprecedented in its dynamism. A great number of young artists, upholding art ideals, continue their explorations in art although their life may be full of hardship. In their persistence, they enrich the artistic geology of China.


There were few large - scale exhibitions in China aiming at promoting young artists when "Art Nova 100" started. In years, since many platforms focusing on young artists have cropped up, with museums such as CAFA (China Central Academy of Fine Arts) Art Museum and Today Art Museum having established their own brand exhibitions of young artists, and "Art Nova 100” evolves into a leading one among similar events thanks to its reputation and achievements. Young artists today have attracted unprecedented attention and gained increasing boosters, which are both opportunities and challenges for them. Just within a period of five years, I've witnessed many young artists rising from nobody to promising star, while others sink from popularity to oblivion. All these changes in status are, in the final analysis, contingent on the artists' artistic attainment. Factors irrelevant to the art itself might exert influence for a while, but they will not do so forever.


I believe art is for the future, and that young artists will surely evolve into the central pillar and leading force for the development of art. Although they have increased in number as of late, the platforms for young artists are still proportionately quite small. There are, consequently, many excellent young artists who have neither the opportunity to showcase their works, nor the livelihood or monetary support for them to continue their artistic practice. As a result, a great deal of young artists will suffer setbacks at the early stage of their career. The journey of art is indeed arduous, requiring enormous persistence and lucid dreams. However, the life of an artist also boasts the most luxurious thing of all - time, which they may utilize with the utmost freedom. I hope that young artists will persist when they feel confused or unconfident, as their golden opportunity may be around the corner.