Zhao Li

Professor at China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA)


In recent years, society has reached a consensus on young artists and, in tandem, developed a deeper concern for supporting their creative practices. There are now many people involved in supporting young artists' works, and their admirers appear to be ever growing in number. China is now possessed of a very good creative environment, one in which artists may freely develop their own works without interference and realize their artistic ideals. In such an environment, nurturing the quality of works by young artists is of great importance in attracting attention from beyond the nation's borders. Without such a foundation of quality, young artists' sustainable development will be impacted. Therefore, a healthy environment is the first step.


In such a relatively relaxed, free, and stimulating environment, there are many interesting things that young artists can do. Still, it is important that artistic creation becomes a singular direction in both life and occupation. Rather than being distracted by a myriad of other activities, young artists need to cherish time and cherish the support afforded by the present creative environment. In the process of reaching their goals, young artists may also be tempted outside their sincere creative desires by outside incentives and become conceited. Maintaining integrity has become a real challenge for any young artist, especially when he or she is in the development period. One must face this challenge head on and control his or her state of mind, adopting a placid attitude towards honor and wealth and insisting on what is ultimately really important. As such, the key advice I want to impart on young artist is this: maintain your way of thinking and insist on your own path, for this is the way to realizing your ideals.