Zhao Li is professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), the art history department of which he graduated from in 1989. He obtained his PhD in arts in 1998. Zhao has served as deputy director of the art history department and vice president of the college of humanities at CAFA. Today, in addition to his positions at CAFA, Zhao has served as distinguished research fellow at the Institute for Cultural Industries Peking University, researcher at the Institute of Fine Arts, China National Academy of Painting, art director at Art Beijing and Art Finance magazine, director of the AMRC Art Market Research Center, CCAD, fund executive of Chinese Modern & Contemporary Art Document (CCAD) Research, deputy secretary-general of Wu Zuoren International Fine Arts Foundation, founding director of Asian Art Education Foundation, and director of US S.P.A.M. Art Foundation. Zhao's work focuses on art history, theory, Chinese calligraphy and painting, contemporary art criticism, art economic research, exhibition planning and promotion. His published works include Status Quo of Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting, Chinese Oil Painting Literature, Jingjiang Painting Research, School of Jingjiang Painting, Chinese Contemporary Art (editor), Chinese Art Market Research Report (editor), White Paper on China Art Market (author), Annual Research Report on Chinese Art Market (editor), Brief History of Chinese Art (co-author), Compendium of Chinese Art History (co-author). Zhao has participated in numerous planning projects, including the "China Pavilion for the International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale in 2009", "Series Exhibitions of Chinese Fine Arts Founders in the 20th Century", "Series Exhibitions of Fine Arts Pioneers in New China", "Global Art Collection Summit", "Art Economic Forum", "Boao Forum - Asian Art Salon", and "Annual Conference of Collectors of Chinese Contemporary Art".