Lu Huan, Curator of Shanghai Art Museum, Researcher. She graduated with a Master degree from Faculty of Art Management, China Academy of Fine Art. She is now a doctoral student of Art History in China Academy of Art. She is mainly undertaking organization of art exhibitions and criticizing. Her research is on the history of art exhibitions in 20th century and the presentation and criticism of contemporary art. She has planned as many as a hundred art exhibitions, including selectively "illusive city – new thrust. China -Shanghai Art Biennial (Shanghai),"Shanghai / Paris"(Paris),"Black and White"(Hong Kong), "Shanghai Stories"(Taipei), "China Industry-themed Art Exhibition"(Shanghai), "Who Is Touching the History of Art"(Shanghai), “Exhibition of 20th Century Chinese Small-frame Oil Paintings"(Shanghai),"About Chinese Water Ink Painting – a dialogue between Chinese contemporary artists"(Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shanghai), "30 Years of Retrospection of Shanghai Young Artist Exhibitions"(Shanghai), "Painting Makeup - China Art Exhibition on Theatre"(Beijing), "The Sixth Sense- yearly exhibition on woman themes"(Shanghai), "Series Exhibition of the Project of Chinese Young Artist Recommendation"(Shanghai).