Independent curator, art critic, and artistic director for the He Xiangning Art Museum, Feng has devoted his life to the creation, exhibition and documentation of contemporary Chinese experimental art. Feng graduated from the department of history at Capital Normal University in 1984. One of China's most active critics, Feng has written hundreds of papers and reviews, as well as planned innumerable exhibitions both in China and abroad. Feng planned or curated exhibitions, such as "Trace of Existence: A Private Showing of Chinese Contemporary Art '98", "Uncooperative Approach (Fuck Off)", "The First Guangzhou Contemporary Art Triennial", "Beijing Afloat", "Left Hand, Right Hand - A Sino-German Exhibition of Contemporary Art", "In, Out or In-between: N Kinds of Space Displacement", Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chengdu Biennale, "China Today - Images of Changing World, Contemporary Art Exhibition", "Fragmentation", "The Sixth Shenzhen Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition: A Vista of Perspectives", "Hypallage - The post-modern mode of Chinese Contemporary Art", and "My Bone, Flesh, and Skin”. Feng lives and works in Beijing and Shenzhen.