Graduated from the Department of Art History of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and have stayed there to teach till now. Currently serve as the director of the Art Management Department of the School of Art Management and Education of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, professor, and doctoral tutor.

Serve at the researcher at the Art Institute of China National Academy of Painting, the guest professor at the PhD student class of creative design management at Shih Chien University, the selected person for the "cross-century talent plan" of the Ministry of Education, and the expert at the Ministry of Culture and Beijing Cultural Industry Expert Library, the advisor at CCB International China Cultural Industry Fund, the chief art advisor at the Culture, Tourism and Health Division of Ping An Bank, the joint founder of Art Beijing, and the founder of Art Nova 100, AMRC Artwork Market Research Center, China Modern and Contemporary Fine Arts Literature Research Center, AAC Artwork Assessment Center and other institutions. Research fields mainly include the history of art, appraisal of Chinese calligraphies and paintings, contemporary art criticism, art economic research, exhibition planning and promotion, etc.

The projects participated in by him in planning are the 2009 Venice Biennale China Pavilion, the "20th Century Chinese Art Founder Series Exhibition", the "New China Art Pioneer Series Exhibition", the "Global Artwork Collection Summit Forum", the "Art Economy Summit Forum", the "Boao Forum - Asian Art Salon", the "Annual Meeting of Chinese Contemporary Art Collectors", the "Shanghai International Collection Forum", the "Art Sponsor Award" and so on.