Feng Boyi

Curator, Art Critic


The exhibition style of “Art Nova 100” leads to a kind of social influence. Some organizations will begin to copy this style, which indicates the influence and effectiveness of the “Art Nova 100” platform. It can be also said that the “Art Nova 100” achieves an initiative success this way.


I participated in the appraisal last year and acted as a judge of the project once again this year. After reading the background information of the registered artists, I think the level is higher this year. Some artists who were finalists last year have again entered with new works. As a whole, they have evolved and changed. I think this is a direct product of “Art Nova 100”.


There are more participants this year. I believe that this session of “Art Nova 100” is more mature, and based on what I've seen in the previous year, the artistic level has improved. This project has been an effective approach for young artists to showcase their creations. It highlights the success of the “Art Nova 100” exhibition.


If "Art Nova 100" can be continuously held, it may be an important approach for young artists to display relatively mature creations. For young artists, "Art Nova 100" is a leading platform to display their works, which will only become more important as its influence expands. For me, I tend to find young artists through such projects, and as well as discover their creative impulses. If we can reach to that level in the future, "Art Nova 100" will become a complete success.