Ye Yongqing



At present, the distribution of young artists is not balanced throughout the country. Most artists live in the central cities and congregate in cultural centers. The bustling art scene of those cities and the prosperity of the art market, there take a toll on neighboring cities. In some sense, many resources cannot be shared due to the developmental imbalance of culture and art. Therefore, I think “Art Nova 100” is excellent. It is a flowing project that draws water for fish to swim in various streams, rather than simply raise fish in a bowl. It is important to introduce young artists to the exhibition environment. It can be said that the “Art Nova 100” is a project for uncovering talent, as here, there is a reference model for young artists to refer to, and their potential may be aroused. The artists can make art more prosperous in a comparative environment. It is also interesting to note that artists at “Art Nova 100” compete with each other.