Sun Guosheng

Executive Chief Editor of “Bazaar Art” Magazine


I am happy to be a judge of “Art Nova 100” once again. Through the appraisal of many young artists over the past two years, I deem the current creative style of the young to be more diverse, with more active ideas and more diverse creative methods. I feel that new pieces from artists of last year's exhibition are fresh and new. The young artists who are shortlisted candidates from various places in China also showcase different styles.


Now, young artists are confronted with several issues as follows: First, they do not know how to promote and display themselves; at the same time, they do not have many exhibition opportunities. The “Art Nova 100” provides an open stage where young artists can have the chance to show and display their works and attract more media attention. In 2012, the second “Art Nova 100” and the nationwide tours of the 2011 “Art Nova 100” exhibition have had a huge impact on the central cities of art, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, as well as on second and third-tier cities in China. The “Art Nova 100” is not only a way to promote, support and serve young artists, but also assumes an educational role, so they can take their special places within the art world.