Victoria Lu

Curator, Art Critic


This is the first time I have participated in “Art Nova 100”. For a long time, I have been concerned about young artists. Most of the exhibitions I've planned have featured young artists, and I'm used to planning large-scale exhibitions. Why? Just like “Art Nova 100”, I hope to showcase the developmental style of an era. I support such activities like “Art Nova100”.


In my opinion, the “Art Nova 100” should be expanded. My suggestion is to upgrade into “Art Nova 200” in the future. 100 artists would represent the domestic market, another 100 spots would be open to young artists from abroad, so that many young artists from overseas would start applying for the “Art Nova 100” exhibition and make a splash in the Chinese art scene. The current exhibition is just a start. Its influence will accumulate year after year, and the credibility and pride of participating artists will be a key factor for the success of “Art Nova 100”. We judges should conduct the appraisal with the principle of being open and fair, with the hope to slowly succeed.


In addition, I will say to young artists with sincere words and earnest wishes that you must think highly of yourselves and be willing to promote yourselves. Walking out is the first step, send your materials to such exhibitions as this, and you will be found, seen and promoted. Then you will find better opportunities.