Zhao li

The Professor at China Central Academy of Fine Arts


The current state of young artists in China is excellent. They emphasize freedom and put more emphasis on synthesizing their thoughts in a variety of expressive ways. Put in words, it is more pure. This is the present situation. Of course, there are shortcomings, the most important of which is the lack of an international vision.


Relatively speaking, the “Art Nova 100” is a stage construction. Increasing numbers of young artists communicate on this stage with support from professionals, including art critics, exhibition planners and gallery personnel. This kind of interaction is not limited to professional spheres; it is also a dialogue between older and younger artists. In my opinion, these communication platforms are critical.


I hope it can continue to play a role. In some sense, a platform such as “Art Nova 100” is presently needed. I hope this platform can become more international, a place where overseas Chinese and foreign artists can truly participate on the stage.


“Art Nova 100” is currently just scratching the surface, still just exploring. In aspects like promotion and cooperation, we should strive for a more open structure. China is wise; we should seek to cooperate with more provinces and cities. Then, we can become a good cultural industry, a good cooperative project.