Xiang Jing



The road of art and dreams is tough. For artists, the activity of “Art Nova 100” is a critical opportunity to practice, to see the world. For me, I pay attention to the works pioneered by young artists. Seeing masterpieces by artists younger than me encourages me, motivates me. Observing young artists is also an observation about the future of art and culture in China.


It is a lot fun to participate in the selection process of “Art Nova100”. Art is a part of culture; therefore, art is developed through relatively deep veins of cultural cues. However, I believe there is a common issue among young artists, which may be related to the values of the times. That is, when creating artwork, many young artists are influenced by the so-called value system of success. Yet, I hope to see more artists who respect their inner heart. Youth is the biggest advantage for young artists. Now that you are young, you should have the power, as well as the ambition. “In the Yangtze River, the waves behind drive on those before.” This is what I want to say to young artists.